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Available works

A small number of shark models are usually available from the workshop. These are either already complete or are ready to finalise to suit the customer, and can be prepared and delivered quite quickly.


Selected sculptures can also be hired for temporary exhibitions or events with Rent-a-Shark service - contact us for details.



The hammerhead is a lifesize sculpture of this instantly recognisable shark, most often found in warmer waters - This is the one in Paris Aquarium but can be made to order.

This can be painted in realistic or artistic finishes. 


shark workshop 2.jpeg

Blue shark

There is nearly always a blue shark in the workshop, either a life size sculpture or half scale. It can be finished in realistic colours showing the distinctive natural blue colour of the upper surface, or in any custom design of the client's choice.


scott shark.jpg

Mako Shark

This is a main stay shark for me. I use the main body area to create bespoke great whites and hammerhead sharks from this main body type. This can also be finished in realistic blue and white or artistic colour ways.

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